PX4FMU Only Wiring


Installing the PX4FMU Board on Your QuadCopter

  • Bill Of Materials:
    • PX4 FMU Board kit available from 3DRobotics Here!
    • Alternately PX4 FMU Board plus PX4 IO Board kit available from 3DRobotics Here!
    • You should get the IO board inclusive kit if you are doing or planning to do anything other than the simplest !QuadCopter system.
    • A special cable that fits into the PX4′s main “Multi” connector will allow you to perform the primary wiring and it is available from 3DRobotics Here!
    • If you choose, you can cut off the single pin connectors and solder directly to the necessary locations and trim back the excess wires.
    • Optional Vibration Dampers that fit the PX4 are available from 3DRobotics Here!
  • Mount your PX4-FMU board in a central location on top of your !QuadCopter.
    • The PX4FMU board Normally has the SD card on top.
    • It can sometimes be advantageous to mount the PX4FMU with the other side up for better LED observation.
    • If you do mount the PX4FMU board with the Component side up it will be necessary to set the “Board Orientation (AHRS_ORIENTATION)” parameter to “Roll 180″ in the Advanced Parameter List in Mission Planner.
    • The arrow labeled “FRONT” should be facing to the front of the aircraft (also the large black board interconnect connector).
    • If you use the vibration dampers suggested above it is best to put a small O-ring on top of the damper and under the PX4 Board before fastening it “gently” down with the supplied nuts to prevent damage to the board.
    • In fact, these dampers may not provide adequate damping and you should review the Wiki section on vibration control.
  • Mount the GPS facing up with an unobstructed “view” of the sky.
    • The GPS can be mounted on a short riser to give it the widest satellite access.

PX4-FMU Only Wiring Diagram for !QuadCopters using a PPM-SUM receiver

NOTE! Ground and power for the 15 pin Multi connector are shown reversed. Pin 15 is ground and Pin 1 is 5 Volt power.


Wiring the PX4FMU Board to Your !QuadCopter

  • Use heavy gauge wire to interconnect the ESC’s Ground and power leads to a Battery Connector.
    • A Power Distribution board can also be used.
  • Connect your BEC (5 volt power supply) power in leads to the battery input leads.
    • Connect the the BEC Ground output to the PX4′s Ground (Multi connector pin 15).
    • Connect the BEC Power output to the PX4′s power In (Multi connector pin 1).
    • NOTE! Instead of a separate BEC as shown, the power and ground leads (signal side) from one of your ESCs that contains a BEC can be wired to the Multi connectors pins 1 and 15 to provide PX4 board power.
  • The PPM-SUM receiver may be wired with a connecting cable as shown in the diagram above.
    • Or the PPM-SUM signal and power and ground leads from the 15 pin DF13 “Multi” connector may be directly wired to a 3 pin servo/receiver connector.
    • Connect your PPM-Sum RC receivers signal wire to pin 6 of the Multi connector on the PX4 board.
    • Connect the PPM-SUM RC Receivers Ground lead to pin 15 of the Multi connector on the PX4 board.
    • Connect the PPM-SUM RC Receivers Power lead to pin 1 of the Multi connector on the PX4 board.
  • Wire the PX4 boards 4 servo out signals to the ESC control inputs.
    • The wires can be put together with connectors as shown in the diagram or solder and heat shrink tubing can be used.
    • Wire PX4 PWM control 4 (Multi Connector pin 9) to The ESC signal in for Motor 4.
    • Wire PX4 PWM control 2 (Multi Connector pin 10) to The ESC signal in for Motor 2.
    • Wire PX4 PWM control 1 (Multi Connector pin 11) to The ESC signal in for Motor 1.
    • Wire PX4 PWM control 3 (Multi Connector pin 12) to The ESC signal in for Motor 3.
  • Run a wire from the PX4′s Battery Monitor connection (Multi Connector pin 5) to the positive battery power lead.
  • Note! The cable that is supplied in the plastic envelope with the UBLOX GPS which has white 6 pin connectors on both ends is NOT the correct cable for the PX4.
    • The correct longer cable is provided in a separate envelope and has a 5 pin “beige” connector on one end and a 6 pin white connector on the other end.
    • Plug the correct GPS cable’s white 6 pin connector into the 6 pin socket on the GPS.
    • Plug the beige 5 pin connector into the PX4′s 5 pin GPS socket which is next to the 15 pin DF13 Mini connector.
  • Plug the 2 pin connector attached to the lead supplied with the buzzer into the buzzer socket on the side of the PX4FMU board that has the SD card holder on it.

PX4-FMU Only Wiring Schematic for !QuadCopters using a PPM-SUM receiver



Wiring your Motors for X or + mode configuration


Using a Standard RC Radio Receiver with an 8 channel PPM Encoder

    • You can use a standard radio receiver with an 8 channel PPM Encoder in place of the PPM-SUM receiver.
      • An 8 Channel PPM Encoder is available from 3DRobotics (Here!).
      • Solder a 3×8 Right angle connector from the top into one end of the 8 Channel PPM Encoder board.
      • With the 3×8 connector up and facing away from you, solder a 3×1 Right angle connector on the right edge of the 8 Channel PPM Encoder board.
    • Connect 5-8 output channels of your receiver to the inputs of the 8 Channel Encoder (signal wire furthest from board) with 5-8 female to female servo jumpers.
      • Connect the PPM-SUM signal output of the Encoder to the PX4FMU boards PPM sum signal input (Pin 6 of the 15 pin Multi connector).
      • Connect the PPM-SUM ground input of the Encoder to the PX4FMU boards ground connection (Pin 1 of the 15 pin Multi connector).
      • Connect the PPM-SUM power input of the Encoder to the PX4FMU boards power connection (Pin 15 of the 15 pin Multi connector).

3DRobotics 8 Channel PPM-Sum Encoder


There are Several Radio systems that support PPM-Sum or S-Bus directly

FRSky Transmitter Adapter and PPM-Sum Receiver

FRSky transmitter adapter module and PPM-Sum receiver


FRSky PPM-Sum compatible transmitter


Turnigy transmitter compatible with FRSky transmitter module


Futaba transmitter compatible with Futaba S-Bus receivers

You can also go to the PixHawk Link for even more options (Here!)

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