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Overview of the PX4 Flight Management Unit

The PX4 Flight Management System Includes:

  • The PX4-FMU (Flight Management Unit).
    • A powerful Cortex M4F microcontroller and flash memory for controlling flight and communications.
    • A socket for a plug in SD memory card.
    • A 3 axis gyro for determining orientation.
    • A 3 axis Accelerometer for determining outside influences.
    • A Magnetometer for determining compass heading.
    • A Barometric pressure sensor for determining altitude.
    • A Connection for an externally mountable UBLOX LEA GPS for determining absolute position.
    • Stackable board interconnections for adding various peripheral boards.
    • Communications interfaces for USB, JTAG and Serial connections.
    • Connections for PPM-SUM RC radio input and servo outputs.
  • The PX4-IO (Input Output) Board.
    • Contains its own on board microcontroller and stacks with the FMU.
    • Direct battery input power supply.
    • 8 High speed servo PWM outputs.
    • Futaba SBUS or PPM-SUM serial servo output.
    • A variety of PPM-SUM / SBUS input connectors.
    • Two user assignable relays, two 1/2 amp 5 volt outputs and an analog input port.
  • The PX4-FLOW Smart (Optical Flow) Camera.
    • Specialized downward pointing camera module that uses ground texture and features to determine aircraft motion over the ground.
    • The PX4 Flow has the same powerful Cortex M4F Microcontroller as is used in the PX4FMU.
    • The built in microcontroller performs on board automated binned pixel image analysis to determine motion relative to ground.
    • A built in 3 axis gyro enables automatic compensation for variance in aircraft tilt angle.
  • The PX4-IOAR Quad Carrier is a specialized interface board for the Parrot AR.Drone.

The PX4 FMU circuit board comes preassembled and ready to load the firmware for your airframe using the Mission Planner.


Detailed Description

PX4 2

The Back of the PX4 FMU showing the SD card carrier and buzzer socket:


PX4FMU Connector Diagram


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