common-PX4FLOW Overview



The PX4-FLOW Optical Flow Camera Board

  • The PX4-FLOW Smart (Optical Flow) Camera is a specialized high resolution downward pointing camera module.
    • It uses ground texture and visible features to determine aircraft motion over the ground.
    • The PX4-FLOW incorporates the same powerful Cortex M4F Microcontroller as is used in the PX4-FMU.
    • The PX4-FLOW internally performs automated binned pixel image analysis to determine aircraft motion relative to the ground.
    • The PX4-FLOW module is capable of extremely accurate navigation and automatically updated coordinate acquisition.
  • A Built in 3 axis gyro enables automatic compensation for aircraft tilt and heading relative to the ground.
  • The PX4-FLOW Camera includes a Maxbotix EZ4 SONAR for determining exact ground relative altitude.
    • The EZ4 series SONAR is the recommended low noise, narrow beam SONAR that is most successful in !MultiCopter use.

PX4FLOW Camera with SONAR


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