common-Disabling the Built In GPS on APM2 to use an External GPS instead



Disabling the built-in GPS on APM 2

If you have an APM 2 with the built-in Mediatek GPS and would like to use an external and/or different GPS module, you can do so with some simple modifications:

Just solder a blob over these two pins, to short them out:



  1. With no external GPS, connect to APM via the Mission Planner. The HUD should report “No GPS”. That’s good — it means it can’t detect a GPS module. Now disconnect and remove the power from your board/remove the USB cable
  2. Connect your external GPS to the GPS port
  3. Connect the USB cable and connect via the Mission Planner again
  4. Once it connects, it should report “No Fix” (if you’re indoors or don’t have a fix yet) or “3D Fix” (if you’ve got GPS fix). Either are great — it means your new GPS was detected!

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